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    PE : 30.26 | PS: 5.77

    QBS Score Stock Fundamental AG Score Historical Price Momentum
    Great Fundamentals
    Weak Momentum
    Technical Trend
    Sell Trend

    Valuation Parameters

    Fairly Valued Between Price    1610-2012
    Recommended Valuation    Overvalued
    Valuation as Per DCF    2556
    Valuation as Per Graham    1688
    Valuation as Per Earnings    1903
    Valuation as Per Book Value    499
    Valuation as per Sales    1332
    TTM EPS    126.88
    TTM Sales    240893.00
    PE Ratio(TTM)    30.26
    Sector PE    55.21
    Peg Ratio    2.70
    Latest PB Ratio    15.39
    Latest Price/Sales    -
    Face Value    1.00
    Latest No. of Equity Shares(in Crs)    361.81
    Latest Shareholder's Fund(in Crs) 90254
    Enterprise Value(in Crs)    1376060

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