Be Your OWN Analyst
& invest confidently!

Learn Stock Fundamentals and the best stock selection method quickly & easily.

Date : 22nd to 25th June 2021
Time : 5pm to 7pm (live session)
Presenter : Mr. Shailesh Saraf
Founder-Value Stocks, Experience-28 years
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Rs. 9900 (Training + Strategy)
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How will this training help you Be Your Own Analyst?

  • Learn how to select profitable stocks with our automated proprietary tools - QBS & AGS.
  • Know how to hold winning stocks & sell loss making stocks.
  • Learn how to select stocks to get superior returns & minimize risk.
  • Diversify your portfolio to get superior returns and minimize risk.
  • Learn how we create profitable stock portfolios inspired by great Investing Gurus.
  • Learn how to save transaction cost & brokerage by investing in winning stocks.

In a Practical First approach, this is what you will learn:


Learn how to select profitable stocks easily with our automated proprietary tool - Quality Business Score (QBS) confidently & instantly.

Stock Selection is the Biggest Problem for any Investor!

Pick Profitable Stocks confidently with our simple Quality Business Score (QBS)

  • QBS gives the fundamental value of each stock
  • QBS provides the track record of each stock for last 5 years
  • QBS gives stocks which maximises returns & reduces risk


Learn the importance and calculations of key fundamentals parameters used for QBS

  • ROE & ROCE > 15
  • Free cash flow > 0
  • Debt to Equity Ratio < 0.30
  • Importance of Sales
  • EBIT
  • Net Profit
  • EPS

Investors sell winning stocks and hold losing investment.

  • Learn how Alpha Generator Score helps in holding winning stocks and selling losing stocks.
  • Winning stock is (High QBS and High AGS) Strong Buy + 4 Quarter Alpha Generator Score or Quality Business Score + Alpha Generator Score.
  • Know the importance of support and resistance levels through a unique automated technical tool.
  • Sector leader is a unique feature which sorts top quality stocks among its peer.


Also learn Valuations to identify whether a stock is expensive or not
Know the importance and Calculations of Valuation parameters

  • DCF valuation
  • Graham valuation
  • Earning valuation
  • Yearly PE ratio
  • Quarter trailing PE
  • Latest PB ratio
  • Peg Ratio
  • Price/Sales
  • Enterprise Value /EBIT
  • EBIT/Enterprise Value

Inspired by great Investing Gurus like Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham, we have created 24 profitable portfolios with QBS, AGS and other key parameters to get superior returns with minimum risk.

Guru Inspired stock portfolios.

Investing Secrets, Books and Stock Lists

  • Warren Buffett
  • Benjamin Graham
  • John Templeton
  • Kenneth Fisher
  • George & Hwang
  • Narasimhan Jegadeesh
  • Pim van Vliet
  • Wesley Gray


In House stock portfolios with Mr Shailesh Saraf & VS Research Team

  • Top 50 Large Cap Growth Strategy-Quarterly
  • Nifty YOY Growth Strategy-Quarterly
  • MidCap Growth Turnaround Strategy-Quarterly
  • Small Cap Growth Turnaround Strategy-Quarterly
  • LargeCap 100 Growth Turnaround Strategy-Quarterly
  • MultiCap Growth Turnaround Strategy
  • Small Cap Price Momentum Strategy - Quarterly
  • MidCap Price Momentum Strategy - Quarterly

All Guru inspired Strategies and In House Strategies are based on Predictive Analytics.


Fundamentals Parameters

Importance and Calculations

  • 1M, 3M, 6M Performance
  • Last 1 Year performance
  • 1 Year performance ignoring last 1 month
  • No. of days positive price performance in a Year
  • Return from 52 week high
  • Return from 52 week low
  • Support & Resistance levels

Exit Parameters

  • Exit through global parameter
  • Exit through Nifty Trend
  • Understanding degrowth in sales and EPS
  • 1st time quarterly loss

Do not invest in

  • High DE ratio
  • Promoter Pledge
  • Very low Volume or turnover
  • Yearly & Quarterly Net loss
  • Negative Book Value
  • MF Holding - 0 or very low
  • Institution Holding – 0
  • Quarterly degrowth in Sales & EPS


Guru Inspired Strategies

Investing Secrets, Books and Stock Lists

  • George & Hwang
  • Narasimhan Jegadeesh
  • Pim van Vliet
  • Wesley Gray


In House Strategies

With Mr Shailesh Saraf & VS Research Team

  • Small Cap Price Momentum Strategy - Quarterly
  • MidCap Price Momentum Strategy - Quarterly

All Guru inspired Strategies and In House Strategies are based on Predictive Analytics.



Difficulty Level



Knowledge of basics of Stock Market


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5**** rating from 450+ happy confident investors

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In their actual words... Experiences shared by people who previously attended this training

Respected Shailesh Saraf Sir, I found the course very interesting at least I can identify long term stocks using five fundamentals. Your teaching way was very wonderful and I appreciate your knowledge. I have already using your App and also purchased two strategies. Though I am doing Stock market for last 10 years using news mostly where in I suffered loses only. I hope that I will gain something using your mantra which I have learnt in 5days program. A very big thank you Sir!

Nehal Ahmad Siqiqui

The entire training is very good. Thank you entire team. Regarding the app, you can get relevant information with in less time. A big thank you to entire team starting from designers, developers , analysts and you who has driven to build such an nice app.

G Siva Prasad

Thankyou shailesh and the entire team for the amazing course,the teaching have been explained in such a simplified manner,it has been gods blessing to get an opportunity to learn from you...We are blessed.

C Bhambani

Thank you Shailesh ji for the insightful 5 day training which clarified a lot about Equity market. I was also losing money based on day trading, but in future will make investment with discipline by following the guidance given by you. Looking forward to join your new sessions.

Bharat Pal Singh

Invester best valuable guide, Excellent details, safety investment ideas, all view particular, Totally Invester Best Valuable App. I am recommended All Invester use this.

Mahesh Madhav Vartak

About The Presenter


Shailesh Saraf

Managing Director/ Fund Manager - Dynamic Equities Private Limited
Founder of Value Stocks App

Experience - 28 years

  • Build the AI powered Value Stocks App that helps investors make better decisions quickly
  • Trained more than 13000+ small investors to invest wisely in last 12 months
  • Build 30+ strategies based on most successful investors like Warren Bfffett & Graham that beat market returns
  • 7 lakh+ views on Youtube Videos about right investment strategies
  • Focused on giving most honest & research backed investment knowledge
  • One of the most sought after Stock market speakers on platform
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Do you know about these myths in stock market...let’s break them with evidence based research & facts

Myths Facts
Investing in Stocks is Like Gambling Investing in Quality Stocks is NOT gambling
It’s Impossible to Beat the Market With discipline, patience, and evidence based research. We can beat the Market consistently
Stock Market Investing Is Too Complex for the Average Investor If you’re committed to learning about what works and what mistakes to avoid, you will benefit a lot from being in the market
Stock Market Investing Will Take Too Much Time Trading requires more time than investing
Follow Your Instincts When Investing Instincts often become emotion of greed and fear leading to wrong investment decisions
You Should Buy What’s in the News Most investors blindly trust news, join the herd mentality and put their hard earned money at massive risk
Good Product = Famous Company = Good Stock But there’s much more to investing than just products. Not every good product belongs to a well-managed company with executives focused on maximizing value for shareholders and not all good companies make good stocks



22nd to 25th June 2021


5pm to 7pm


Mr. Shailesh Saraf

Questions generally asked about the workshop

What are the pre- requisites for this workshop?

Even a beginner can learn the important fundamentals and invest confidently. Experienced investors will save a lot of time with our most intelligent stock screener training.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

This is a completely live session. The live session link will be sent to your registered Email ID & Phone number 2 hour before the workshop starts.

Do we need any paid app or tool for understanding thoroughly all the concepts?

No. You will get full access to the Value Stocks app with advanced intelligent screener, quality business score, one page stock research reports and all other unparalleled features.

What if I miss some day's session?

You will get live recordings of all 4 days training.

What about Q&A session

We start sessions with Q&A to clear any and every doubt you have.

How long can I enjoy the benefits of Value Stocks App?

You will get free access to the Value Stocks App for 1 month if you take this training. If you take training + strategy you can enjoy Value Stocks App features for 1 year with great support from our team.

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