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Competitive Advantage is also known as MOAT and It has 11 aspects. 

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11 Aspects of Competitive Advantage

1. Monopoly and Near Monopoly: High Market Share We judge the company on the basis of market share of its product (or service). Companies holding high percentage of market share are great investment avenues.
2. Market Position It shows company's ranking in the industry
3. High entry barrier: Very High Capital Cost In Certain Sectors, huge capital is required for the new entrants. So the companies which are already in those sectors gain a compititive advantage over the new comers.
4. Patents: applied or granted Companies having high number of patents are very strong as no other company can copy its product without its approval and it also gets royalty income from the companies which use its patent.
5. Lower Cost of Production Companies that manage to produce at lesser cost than others in the industry have higher profit margins and they can price their products cheaper than the competitor.
6. Strong Brand Either the Company should be a Known Brand like Whirlpool, HDFC Bank or it should produce products which are known brands like P&G produces ARIEL.
7. Complex Processes Company must be involved in complex method of production or services such as creating complex software or manufacturing products that need high intelligence. Due to the complexity of the process its will be difficult or sometimes time consuming for other companies to start similar production or services
8. Big Brand Investors in a Company as Share holders Big Brand Investors invest in companies that have good future prospect
9. Clients We generally point out the big clients of the company in this section like Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, Honda are important clients of AMARA RAJA BATTERIES
10. Economies of Scale Companies producing huge quantity of a particular product often get many benefits like higher purchasing power due to huge raw material purchase, labor specialisation, subsidies or tax advantages from govt etc. It lowers down the cost per unit of the product
11. Distribution Network The number of distributors, branches, geographical reach

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