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To understand the Nifty Trend

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How are we studying Nifty Trend

  • The nifty trend is studied by analyzing the Nifty and Bank Nifty Future and Options open interest data released daily by NSE on their website around 6.30pm. NSE discloses participant wise Open Interest report which also includes FII, PRO, Client & DII. However, we are not including DII as they have very insignificant participation in Options segment. Therefore, FII & PRO are significant players in Options whereas Clients play opposite to these major players and mostly loose in the market. Thus FII & PRO combined decide the market direction. The raw data from NSE is analyzed and processed by us through Artificial Intelligence and given to you simply for you to take quick researched decisions.

An easy and quick way to analyze the direction of the Market through our Nifty Trend Barometer

Get to know the daily Nifty and Bank Nifty Trend in a jiffy

Are they in – Buy bias, Buy, Greed, Extreme Greed, Sell bias, sell, Fear or Extreme Fear zone

Check the crucial FII& PRO activity at a glance

Get a summary of the latest FII & PRO open interest

Check the detailed data with the market movement

Validate the FII & PRO activity with the daily movement of the market


Benefits of Training for Nifty Trend Page

  • Value Stocks brings to you a special one to one zoom session with our market experts to ensure & deliver:

  • Learn complete analysis of the NSE OI data in details

  • Take quick decisions on buy, hold & exit of stocks

  • Save time to study trend by using just our Barometer

  • Know the technical support and resistance levels for your stocks

  • "The goal is to empower you to understand and analyse the Nifty Trend yourself independently!"

Problems that this training can solve

Here's a list of why you should go for it.

  • Problems

  • What is the Nifty Trend

  • Can it help me to decide buy hold & sell of my stocks

  • How can I get the direction of Nifty on a daily basis

  • Can I analyze the Nifty data on my own

  • Solutions

  • Get the Nifty Trend instantly from our Nifty Trend barometer

  • Once you know the trend, check our stock recommendations to decide on buy,hold,sell

  • With our Nifty trend Barometer you are updated daily

  • Come for our one to one training to know that

More Benefits of the Training

AI powered strategies

Our trainers will show you our amazing strategies based on Predictive Analytics, powered by artificial Intelligence which have given a return of more than 100% in the last 5 years. Our strategies based on Predictive Analytics helps you to choose the right type of portfolio and puts your money to work while keeping greed and fear away, and it’s all effortless!

Why are our Strategies Unique?

  • Big Data + Predictive Analysis:   It uses big data and predictive analytics, making stock investing absolutely hassle free

  • Smart beta portfolio strategies:   It gives smart beta portfolio strategies using fundamental factors to find great quality stocks to invest in.

  • HIGH returns LOW drawdowns:   Its designed to provide high returns with varied risk parameter and low drawdowns

  • Beat Market Benchmarks: Its made efficiently to beat market benchmarks consistently.


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With the Value Stocks app you can search your stocks, their fundamentals, our recommendation, Nifty Strategies and guru strategies. This will help you take investment decision quickly. Our Research App has recommendations for all Nse listed stocks.

Premium features Free for 3 days

  • Invest like Gurus:   Get all world famous Gurus strategies at one place.

  • Search your Stocks:   Get recommendation, fundamentals, valuation, price performance & technical chart for every NSE stock.

  • Stock Screener:   Filter and Find right stocks for investment by applying your own research.

  • Strategies based on Predictive Analytics:   Invest in our AI powered strategies and get quality stock lists with entry and exit.

  • Nifty Trend (FII Data):   Catch market trend early by checking FII short/long positions.

  • Sector Analysis:   Check performance of every sector along with the top performing stocks.

  • Search Mutual Funds:  Get our Research recommendations for different categories of mutual funds.

  • MF Screener:  Filter and Find right MFs for investment by applying your own research.

Disclaimer: Under free subscription, you will not get personalized recommendations as to whether a stock is suited to your specific financial needs or objectives. You should make your own decision based on your objective, risk appetite and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

How will I benefit from this one-to-one Training?

You will get a comprehensive knowledge about which stocks to buy and learn when to enter, hold & exit those stocks. You will also get to know about our strategies based on Predictive Analytics with Free Value Stocks Subscription for 3 days.Stock market looks very complicated but we have tried to make it simple for you.

How many times can I take this training?

You can take this FREE training once only. If you are interested in any specific topic training please let your personal trainer know about your requirements.

How much does it cost to take this training?

It’s completely free of cost training. We want to empower small investors with the right fundamental knowledge and principles of investing to minimise risk in stock investments.

How long is this training?

This One-to-One interaction with the Value Stocks expert is for one hour on zoom.

What criteria do you need to take this training?

Ideally you should have a demat account and investments in stocks to get maximum benefit from this training.

How important is it to take a One-to-One Training?

In this training the whole focus will be on you, so both your Investing style & Risk appetite will be analyzed completely by our expert and he/she can then recommend the best strategy suited for you.

How beneficial is it to take a One-to-One Training?

In this training the whole focus will be on you and your investing need. Based on your Investing style & Risk appetite, our expert can recommend the best strategy suited for you.

I want to understand Nifty Trend

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