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What else?
Every FREE One to One Training has the following:
  • Get your stock portfolio reviewed - 100% FREE.
  • How to identify Quality stocks.
  • When is the best time to buy.
  • How COVID has affected the market trend.
  • How to buy the best stocks at cheap prices.
  • 3 most important fundamental factors which make stock prices move upwards.
  • The magic of being a part of Valuestocks family.
Just One Condition

This Training is Ideal for Investors with Portfolio of 5lacs+ "or" 10+ stocks in demat.

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Get the stocks to Buy, Hold and Exit from our Strategies, which are based on Predictive Analytics

Strategy returns upto 150% in 5 years

Beaten the Index comprehensively.

Strategies on the basis of Predictive Analytics

Extensive and Intensive Research.

Strategies are based on 5 principles of Stock Investing

Valuations, Action or Momentum, Long Term Quality,Using Growth Exit Parameters


Benefits of Training

  • Value Stocks brings to you a special one to one zoom session with our market experts to ensure & deliver:

  • Get your personal stocks review using our AI powered app

  • Take quick decisions on buy, hold & exit of stocks

  • Learn about our 30+ powerful in-house strategies that are based on Predictive Analytics

  • Save time to research good stocks & strategies

  • Learn the strategies of top 1% investors like Warren buffet & Benjamin Graham

  • Strategies catering to different types of Investors

  • Based on 5 basic principles of Investing VALUEValuations, Action or Momentum, Long term Quality, Using Growth and Exit parameters.

  • "The goal is to provide you with Quality filtered stock lists which have a high probability of success."

Problems that this training can solve

Here's a list of why you should go for it

Problems Solutions
Which stocks to buy You will be trained on our strategies which will give the stocks to buy
When do I buy these stocks The strategy will also give you dates for buying the stocks
When do I exit or book profits The holding period of the stocks are between 3 months - 1 year. The strategy gives you dates for exit after the financial results

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers

How will I benefit from this one-to-one Training?

You will get a comprehensive knowledge about which stocks to buy and learn when to enter, hold & exit those stocks. You will also get to know about our strategies which are based on Predictive Analytics with Free Value Stocks Subscription for 3 days.Stock market looks very complicated but we have tried to make it simple for you.

How many times can I take this training?

You can take this FREE training once only. If you are interested in any specific topic training please let your personal trainer know about your requirements.

How much does it cost to take this training?

It’s completely free of cost training. We want to empower small investors with the right fundamental knowledge and principles of investing to minimise risk in stock investments.

How long is this training?

This One-to-One interaction with the Value Stocks expert is for one hour on zoom.

What criteria do you need to take this training?

Ideally you should have a demat account and investments in stocks to get maximum benefit from this training.

How important is it to take a One-to-One Training?

In this training the whole focus will be on you, so both your Investing style & Risk appetite will be analyzed completely by our expert and he/she can then recommend the best strategy suited for you.

How beneficial is it to take a One-to-One Training?

In this training the whole focus will be on you and your investing need. Based on your Investing style & Risk appetite, our expert can recommend the best strategy suited for you.



In the last 10 years I have had experience with many analyst. But value stock has been amazing. The best customer relationship I have ever seen. Would highly recommend to all investors. Keep the good work going:)

Chathapuram Venkatsubramanian

Excellent app. Also got great training by Mr Vikas Kandoi. Looking forward to using it profitably.

Amit Saraf

It was very nice interaction with the team. Thorough in explanation as to how stocks with good returns short term and long term can be selected at ease with their screeners to ease the job of head breaking approach by investors.

Sesha Gopalan

Great app to use. Lot of parameters provided to do analysis of a stock and mutual funds.Customer care is very supportive. They gave a good training on how to use the app. It's worth for the price.

Vijay mudunuri

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