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Value Stocks is an app based on complete & authentic research with the only aim to help you invest in Right Stocks and Mutual Funds. Using our Subscribe to our recommended stock portfolio strategies and quality stock lists, you would be able to overcome greed and fear and also easily beat the markets!

Value Stocks is a product of Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, a 20-year old company and SEBI registered investment advisor. The 30+ strong team behind Value Stocks is headed by Mr. Shailesh Saraf - MD of Dynamic Equities. The team comprises of Research analysts, developers, designers, video editors, content writers, who passionately strive to give the best research and user experience to the users of the App.

The App provides Equity research as well as readymade Subscribe to our recommended stock portfolio startegies with quality stock lists. The Key Benefits of the app are as follows:
  • All Gurus: Get all world famous Gurus strategies at one place.
  • Stock Research: Get recommendation, fundamentals, valuation, price performance & technical chart for every NSE stock in one page.
  • Stock Screener: Filter and Find right stocks for investment by applying your own research across 200+ parameters.
  • Subscribe to our recommended stock portfolio Strategies: Get a list of Real Quality stocks, with an extensive research and forward testing for last 5 years.
  • Nifty Trend (FII Data): Catch market trend early by checking FII short/long positions.
  • Sector Leaders: Check performance of every sector along with the top performing stocks.
  • MF Research: Get our Research recommendations for different categories of mutual funds.
  • MF Screener: Filter and Find right MFs for investment by applying your own research.

We cover only stocks and mutual funds.

We have Annual (INR 3999/-), Quarterly (INR 4999/) and Monthly (INR 1999/-) subscription packages for the app. Payments can be made through a variety of means including credit cards, debit cards, netbanking and UPI

We do not have any refund policy.

We earn our income through the subscription fees received.


As we are not earning any revenues by way of brokerages, advertisements, incentives or freebies out of any stock or strategies that we recommend in the app, it removes chances of conflicts of interest and biases. This ensures that we put the interests of our subscribers above everything else.

We have studied more than 20 successful international market gurus, done years of research, study and investments to devise Subscribe to our recommended stock portfolio strategies. Thus, through Value Stocks, you get quality stocks to invest in with high probability of outperformance, without relying on tips or rumours.

Value Research Online and Morningstar specialise primarily in rating mutual funds and provide informational data on such funds. They do not provide specific recommendations across products. Value Stocks will not only provide Subscribe to our recommended stock portfolio Strategies and Stocklists analyzing each investor's Risk appetite, it will also provide specific recommendations for each Stock. It filters and finds the right stocks for investment by applying our researched strategies which have beaten the Index more than 2 times in most cases. Value Stocks also rates mutual funds and provides recommendations for Mutual Funds. We will also offer ready-made portfolios for different classes of investors with regular follow-ups on all our portfolios and product recommendations. So, Value Stocks will be a product first platform supported by quality research content. In other words, Value Stocks will provide actionable research and recommendations and not be restricted to general information and data.

Value Stocks is not a transaction platform. Being a SEBI RIA, we only provide equity and mutual funds research and recommendations.

For stocks, we provide Research and advice on the App, and provide authentic research and recommendation on each Stock.

Once you subscribe, you will be provided free one-on-one Training of our Subscribe to our recommended stock portfolio Strategies and other App Features by our Product Manager. You can also contact us at any time if you have any query.

We are a SEBI registered Invesment Advisor. We also conduct Portfolio Management Service. You can use our Value Stocks App to check how your Stocks are doing and write to us if you have queries on our recommendations. Our updates, regular Market direction and alerts will make sure you know where to invest, when to exit and when it is a good time to act on key events.

We can manage your money through our Portfolio Management services as we are also SEBI registered PMS manager.