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Value Stocks is an investment advisory app and website based on complete & authentic research with the only aim to help you invest in Right Stocks. Using our recommended stock portfolio strategies, you would be able to overcome greed and fear and also easily generate alpha across all market conditions

Value Stocks is a product of Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, a 20 - year old company and SEBI registered investment advisor. The talented and dedicated team behind Value Stocks is headed by Mr. Shailesh Saraf - MD of Dynamic Equities. The team comprises of research analysts, developers and designers who passionately strive to give the best research and user experience.

The App provides Equity research as well as recommended stock portfolios. The Key Benefits of the app are as follows:
  • Stock Research: Get recommendation, fundamentals, valuation, price performance & technical chart for every NSE stock.
  • Stock Screener: Filter and Find right stocks for investment by applying your own research across 200+ parameters.
  • Subscribe to our recommended stock portfolio Strategies: Get a list of Real Quality stocks, with an extensive research, backtesting and forward testing.
  • Nifty Trend (FII Data): Catch market trend early by checking FII short/long positions.
  • Sector Leaders: Check performance of every sector along with the top performing stocks.

We cover only NSE listed stocks.

Investors buying our stock baskets are usually charged a fixed fee as a percentage of Assets under Advice, in line with SEBI rules. The app and website is free of cost.

We do not have any refund policy. The customer can any time sell the stocks and cancel e-mandates at any time. There is no exit load or even entry load.

We earn our income through the fees received as a percentage of the Assets under Advice (AuA), in line with SEBI rules.


As we are not earning any revenues by way of brokerages, advertisements, incentives or freebies out of any stock portfolios advised, it removes chances of conflicts of interest and biases. This ensures that we put the interests of our customers above all else.

We have studied more than 20 successful international market gurus, done years of research on markets and investor behavior and thus curated powerful stock investment portfolios for your wealth creation journey. We are SEBI registered and its always prudent to avoid relying on freely available information, tips or rumors.

We do not offer any transaction platform. All trades are done through your own preferred stock broker, all stocks are held in your own Demat account.

Once you become our customer, we will invite you to attend an in-depth and exciting 4-day monthly webinar. You can also contact us at any time if you have any query.

As we cover only stock market investments, we do assist and advise customers on their portfolio review, on a case to case basis, upon mutually agreed terms and conditions, all under purview of governing SEBI rules.