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Vision and Purpose


To have 175000 annual subscribers in Value Stocks app by 2025, who will become independent, Fundamental investors in Right Stocks and Mutual Funds and become their own analyst.


  • To educate people about Right Stocks and Mutual Funds.
  • To break the myth that Stock Market is for “gamble” and to decrease “greed of making more money by taking excessive risk” and “fear of losing money” & therefore not investing in stock market. To spread the awareness that Stock Market is a good place to invest & to educate people who are either frightened or ignorant about it.
  • To bring more new investors to the Market and make them independent and confident, so that they can invest in the Right Stocks and Mutual Funds.
  • Identify the Stocks & Mutual Funds related problems of investors and to give an easy, instant solution through the app.
  • To showcase the product’s technology greatness in terms of its low cost, quick identification of good stocks and providing quality research.
  • To shift the mindset of people from Intraday Trading to long term Investments and wealth creation.