Get the most exhaustive Stock Screener to filter Quality stocks by using key fundamentals, our recommendation and Quality Business Score

Learn these fundamental parameters with their calculations in details by attending our 4 day training programme conducted by our Fund Manager and Managing Director Mr Shailesh Saraf.

Rs. 9900
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  • 4 day live programme with Mr Shailesh Saraf
  • Recording will be available for all attendees
  • Get All Value Stocks App features for 6 months
  • 1 Quarterly strategy & 1 training. Validity: 6 months
    2 half yearly strategies and 2 trainings. Validity: 6 months
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Screen the complex stock data easily and quickly for all NSE stocks to get the stocks according to your chosen parameters

More than 250 fundamental filters given according to VALUE

Recommendations based on extensive research

Price performance filters to filter stocks based on momentum

Based on the investing principles of VALUE

Save filters and download results for future reference

When to buy and exit

Book your slot to get brief learning and free product consultation

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